Saturday, 4 October 2014

IFComp 2014 Reviews

IFComp 2014 has begun.

Hi. I'm Wade. If you don't know me from Shinola, I've written some of these games over the past few years and reviewed a lot of them.

As a reviewer, I demonstrated what I'd describe as 'stunning' levels of discipline over the past two IFComps. I reviewed all the entries of 2012 in sensible fashion, then I reviewed all I was able to review in 2013 while also dispensing a live IF glossary and helpful links for random passers-by, and while telling people which versions of which games I played and when. What other entity delivered all of those things at once in 2013? The entity of None, is what!

I seek to butter up your memories of my past actions for goodwill purposes, because this year I have only the time and sensibility for great undisciplinedness.

There is zero chance I will review all games. Not even half. I'll review some games that I feel like playing, and I expect that I will do so in an undisciplined fashion. IFCompos Mentos (the name of this blog for this year, and yes, it's meant to be spelled that way. It's two puns at once) could even become one of those stupidly disappointing IFComp blogs you'll keep checking for updates, and eventually grow weary of due to its lack of updates.

I never even wanted to have my reviews in blog form, but since I still haven't worked out what form would satisfy me instead, here I am just continuing on in the blog I created last year.

So, if you haven't already become aggravated by my rather pathetic complaining to you, the customer of this blog, about my lot, before I've even reviewed a single game of IFComp 2014, and after committing only to doing a job of great undisciplinedness, then gird your loins, because my bold new mission statement is: "I will be reviewing some games within an unspecified timeframe."

TO GAME AUTHORS: I know you're under the 'no talking in public' rule, and I've been there and know what that's like. So if you happen to want to contact me about something I say in a review (especially factual technical errors, which I like to correct pronto) please do so by clicking this link to my homepage, then hit the 'contact' button at the bottom of the page to email me. If you contact me by commenting on a review in public, you may break a rule and get in comp trouble.

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