Saturday, 11 October 2014

Hiatus, which may be indefinite

An opportunity for me to have a genuine holiday suddenly came up, and because I need it, I'm taking it. I will go offline for more than a week, and for that reason I'm just going to down tools on my reviewing efforts this year.

I confess I haven't been crazy about what I've done so far, but I've been having trouble with depression, and that impedes my ability to judge things anyway. I mean both judging others' work, and also judging whether or not I've been doing a decent job. But certainly my patience has been down on what I think is optimal for judging IFComp games. The good news is that I promised very little this year, and certainly volume-wise, that's what I've delivered!

So I hope you players and authors and other readers have a good experience. It's unlikely I'll return to the reviewing this year, but I never rule things out 100%.


  1. Take care, Wade. Reviewing the comp can be a whole lot of emotional work, and I totally understand not being up for that.

  2. Hope you have/are having a good and refreshing vacation.