Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Dream Pieces revisited

So I got stuck in Dream Pieces on my first attempt, and thought maybe I'd hit a bug. It wasn't a bug. I hadn't noticed wordlets also need to be of the same colour for them to mix. Once this was pointed out to me I got past the stumble point and powered through to victory like I'd thought I'd been about to the first time.

The game certainly offers easy word chopping for an adult, and might prove more outwardly satisfying for a kid. It uses some features of Quest well, like being able to right click a wordlet, click 'Mix', then click the thing you want to mix it with from a menu. The presentation has a little bit of cute and there are musical stings. I was going to add that Quest really needs to automate things like not asking what I want to break something with when I've only got one breaking implement on me, but in truth, default Inform, for instance, is just as bad about failing to guess that I want to unlock a door with the only key I have. I guess it's always down to individual authors to watch out for these things.

So Dream Pieces is simple and with a bit of charm, and it's also the first word game I've seen done in Quest, coming after a year in which saw the release of a decent number of sophisticated word games in IFdom.

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