Tuesday, 29 October 2013

An unintended early finish (to 2013 IFComp reviewing)

Dear anonymous reader. Concerning the gap in transmission, I was at first taking a little break from reviewing, as I was getting burnt out. I now have additional problems in that I upgraded my computer from Snow Leopard to OS X Mavericks this weekend, forgetting that Dragon (the speech-to-text software by which I play most of the games and dictate reviews of all) might not come with me. On the Mac at least, Dragon is a finicky and somewhat unreliable program with not-very-friendly upgrade policies, which is a shame considering its life-improving effects if you need to minimise typing. The latest version (3) is too expensive for me to punt on as a stopgap and it's not supported on Mavericks anyway.

I may begin to experiment with OS X's built-in speech features in the meantime, but overall I've lost my reviewing momentum,and I've got these new hassles, so I'm just going to put my fingers down now and concentrate on playing as many of the remaining games as I can in time.

To author readers, my apologies if I didn't get to your game and you had hoped I would. Sure, I don't owe you anything! - but I've been in the comp too and I know what it's like pining for reviews or waiting for your numbers to come up.

We hope you have enjoyed your trip through this door/blog.

- Wade

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  1. Ouch. Hope you find a solution soon - it must suck to be muzzled.