Monday, 30 September 2013

Dream Pieces by Iam Curio

Playing Dream Pieces: One way is to download a 10mb zip of all the game files. In the Quest folder you'll find 'Dream'. Or just download Dream from the IF archive. Run this game file offline using the Quest interpreter.

or you can play Dream Pieces online


(Version reviewed: Original)

Dream Pieces is a friendly-feeling bedroom adventure of word puzzling delivered via the Quest platform. It has semi-rhyming (and semi-straining) prose and some nods towards helpful production values. For instance you can choose whether the presentation is delivered to suit a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. Then again, there are nods toward less helpful production values, too. When the game asks for your date of birth as part of its birthday schtick, it claims not to have understood what you just typed, even though it later turns out that it did.

I had to break off my game of Dream Pieces early due to a moment of inflexibility which I mistook for a bug. At first I thought this might be one of those Quest games which doesn't work properly online. I've played a good number of Quest games over time and I feel that about 1 in 3 throw up problems in the online player. Of those, 1 in 2 will be rendered unwinnable by the problem. As offline play of Dreams is only available for PCs and not Macs, I wasn't able to check my theory in this case. The game looks like it's worth a shot for any fans of non-difficult word games.

In Dream Pieces  you have to manipulate domestic objects in your bedroom to create tools and methods to further manipulate domestic objects in your bedroom, but it's considerably more fun that I just made it sound. Tools can split the names of objects into constituent letters which can then be rearranged to create new props. As soon as I apprehended this mechanic I felt my interest prickling, and since the game gives the impression of being easy enough for a child to complete, what with its child-like font and enthusiastic outlook, I figured I was about to power through the whole thing for some simple satisfaction. The game also offered me a hint apropos of nothing when it first noticed me floundering a little. But then I got bug-stuck. (Spoiler follows.)

The place I got stuck was in trying to make the blade. The 'd' and the 'e' wouldn't join together, no matter how I phrased the request, and the walk-through mentioned only the joining of the 'bla' to the 'de'. My problem was resolved after I read comments on this review.


  1. My recollection is that you get a 'de' already fully-formed from another source. I think that the word-fragment-combining mechanic is pretty railroaded - you can only make the specific things that the game wants you to make, so it'd make sense that you can only do it in the particular combinations it wants to allow.

    (Which sucks, but I'm very conscious that my expectations for wordplay games have been set unreasonably high by Counterfeit Monkey.)

    1. And "d" and "e" have different colors ;)

  2. Ah, thanks for that point out. I will come back to this one.

  3. Yes. It's not a bug :). Thanks for your kind words!

    - Iam Curio