Monday, 30 September 2013

100,000 years by Pierre Chavalier

Play 100,000 years online here


(Version reviewed: Original)

100,000 years is a sci-fi Twine/Twee piece about galactic-sized spans of time. It is easily worth anyone's time to try as it is very short. (I almost said "ironically very short," but that would have been silly as the smallness/largeness thing is obviously a neat feature.) More details and some spoilers below.

The goings-on in a chunk of the universe are described in a few lines of verse. Clicking the left arrow takes you 100,000 years into the past while the right arrow takes you the same distance into the future. Changes over that time period are then described, but the arrows remain, ready to move you forward or backward again. The result is a tiny existential text toy. What you discover if you go far enough in either direction is equally likely to make you feel more strongly a part of the universe or just less significant. The achievement of 100,000 years is that it can touch on those feelings so quickly and with such a simple device.


  1. You got a lot more out of it than I did... I read through the story, thought it was mildly amusing, then wasted some time figuring out that it was the same regardless of the direction traveled.

  2. Most positive review I've read on this from an IF judge (although I've got some very nice comments from people that would not bother to submit votes). so I'm glad you wrote it. Most people went "not enough words not enough choices i'm not interested" and some of them even thought it was a deliberate trolling joke, but it wasn't (you idiots).
    I'm very happy if you enjoyed the game.